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How it works

We unite with the top banks to allow people and businesses to send money to anyone with a U.S. bank account. We focus on security and simplicity so you don’t have to think twice about it. Your money, going direct from your bank account to another bank account – no stops, no extra accounts, received exactly where you want it.

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Anyone can receive money

Good news! If you have a U.S. bank account, you can receive money through our network. If your bank is in our network, you can use our service directly through your bank’s online banking platform. If your bank has not yet joined our network, you can sign up to receive payments right here on

Receive an email or text

When someone sends you a payment, you’ll receive an email or text notification. Follow the email or text info and get paid.


Sign Up

Sign up at your bank or sign up at to receive your payment.



Your money is on its way!

The rent, revised

It’s that time again. Your roommate owes you rent money. Have her pay her share in a few simple clicks or phone taps – and skip the check altogether!

Dinner bill, only better

You’ve gone out with friends, had some great Thai food, and somehow they left their wallets at home. No worries. Ask your friends to pay you back with clearXchange. Goodbye IOUs.

Car repairs, quicker fix

Your car looks brand new again after the accident. Here’s what’s also shiny and nice. Your insurance company just used clearXchange to send you the money from the claim. Repair, rewarding.

From their bank right to your bank

Get your money the direct and simple way, with a highly secure method to accept payments.

Paid now, not later.

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What does it take?

Send money directly from your bank account to anyone. They get an instant notification through their email or mobile number. Easy meets quick.

Log in

Log into your online or mobile banking application or


Choose email or phone

Select the amount of money you want to send and add the recipient’s email or phone number.



Money is sent!

Tickets, the new show

Your friend scored awesome tickets to the big baseball game. Pay him right back, right to his bank account through clearXchange. Did we say home run? Yes, we actually did.


Your son is off at school and you’ve generously agreed to send him regular spending money. He receives an instant notification by email or text and voila, he has pizza money in his account.


Your sister is turning – well, that's a secret – and you can't make it for the celebration. Shipping cost to mail a present: too high. No worries. Gift money directly from your bank account to hers. Gift, all good.

What's to know

If you bank at a bank in our network, you can send to anyone! Our network banks already reach 250 million people – find out if you’re one of them!

View our network banks

Tap, tap, send.

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What do we do?

We focus on making digital payments safe and simple. If you’d like to learn more about the tech involved and our security practices, read on.


We act as a real time messaging platform between financial institutions. We host a central database of email addresses and phone numbers and we maintain and develop the network. In plain English: we talk with your bank so they transfer your money directly from your bank account to your recipient’s bank account with flawless efficiency.

Platform power

Each bank in our network connects to clearXchange using industry standard web services and notifications. This makes it possible to move information across multiple financial institutions. In short, our tech works to make transfers happen quickly.

Top-notch security

If you bank with a network bank, your sensitive financial information never leaves your bank. If you register through, your private information is protected by industry leading AES encryption when it’s stored, and SSL encryption when you send it to us. Takeaway: We keep your private information secure.

Transaction Process:

send money process diagram
You choose an amount of money to send a friend. Your bank pings us at clearXchange.
We ping your friend’s bank and let them know a payment is coming. Then the banks transfer the funds.
Your friend receives an email or text message from their bank that they’ve received a payment.

Sound good?

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